Hanne Andersen


Professor of Philosophy of Science University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Hanne Andersen is professor of philosophy of science at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Her primary research focus is on the structure and development of 20th and 21st century science, broadly construed. In examining science as it is practiced, she integrates historical and contemporary case studies with analytical tools drawn from general philosophy of science, social epistemology, and research ethics. Her current work is especially focused on interdisciplinarity, collaboration and trust, on research integrity, and on academic institutions and scholarly careers. She serves at the Danish Committee for Scientific Misconduct, and she is a member of the European Academy of Sciences. She has previously served as EiC of the journal Centaurus - the official journal of the European History of Science Society. Among her publications are the monographs The Cognitive Structure of Scientific Revolutions (with Peter Barker and Xiang Chen, Cambridge University Press 2006) and On Kuhn (Wadsworth 2001).

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