The ESERA Book Series

Wednesday, September 1 13:15-14:15 (Portuguese time UTC+1)

Getting your ideas into print: Planning, developing and publishing a book in the ESERA Series

Claudia Acuna, Springer, The Netherlands

Robin Millar, University of York, UK

The aim of this workshop is to inform and assist ESERA members who might be considering – however tentatively – writing a book or putting together an edited collection of chapters by different authors, in order to share their work and ideas with the wider science education community.  It will start by exploring general issues about publishing your work and then focus on publishing in the ESERA Book Series Contributions from Science Education Research.

The ESERA Book Series was set up in 2013.  The aim of the series is to enhance the quality and impact of research in science education in Europe by presenting the findings of high-quality research and scholarship and in-depth explorations of specific methodological strands in science education research.  The series offers ESERA members the support of an Editorial Board in planning and developing a sound proposal, and crafting a manuscript that makes a strong contribution to the science education research literature.  It also facilitates the dissemination of the authors’ work and ideas, through attractively low prices for ESERA members of printed and electronic copies of books in the series.

The workshop will involve short presentations and opportunities for questions from participants.  We will outline and discuss the development of a proposal, explain how this is reviewed by the Editorial Board, and discuss the steps involved in taking a proposal forward to publication.  We will explain how authors and editors are supported by the Editorial Board after a proposal has been accepted, and how the manuscript is reviewed in order to enhance and assure its quality.  The workshop will draw on the experience gained from previous books in the series, including some that are in progress.  We hope the workshop will encourage more ESERA members to consider the series as an ideal outlet for their work.

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