ESERA 2021 e-Proceedings

All authors who presented symposia, single papers, posters or workshops at ESERA 2021 are invited to submit their paper for inclusion into the ESERA 2021 e-Proceedings.

The e-Proceedings will be published in the ESERA Conference Proceedings series. This will be the seventh publication in this series, titled Fostering scientific citizenship in an uncertain world. For each oral presentation, poster presentation or workshop, authors are invited to submit one paper, following the instructions below. There will be an evaluation process but no opportunity for resubmission. Therefore, the template and other instructions must be followed.


Instructions for submitting a paper to the ESERA 2021 e-Proceedings:

– Submissions must use the ESERA 2021 e-Proceedings template (see below)
– Submissions must be submitted in a word document.
– Submissions must have 6 to 10 pages (tables, figures, and references included).

For symposia:
– The chair is responsabile for collecting all the other symposium colleagues's contribution and submit as one joint paper for the whole symposium.


The deadline for submissions is the 31st January 2022   7th February 2022.

To submit your paper, you mus enter your personal area in the submission platform (access details were sent by e-mail to all eligible authors) and follow the below steps:

1. When entering your pesonal area, click the menu "View abstracts"
2. Click the "Paper files" button
3. Upload your Word document


Process of reviewing and acceptance

Following submission, the submitted paper will be reviewed by the Strand Chairs to ensure adherence to the acceptance criteria and formatting.
Strand Chairs will decide on ACCEPTANCE or REJECTION. There will be no opportunity for revision.


Acceptance criteria:
– The submitted paper must follow the template provided.
– The submitted paper is sufficiently clear and logical.
– The submitted paper language is at an acceptable level.


There will be NO opportunity for resubmission, therefore, please follow the template provided.

Final decisions will be made by the Editors.


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